dj longplayer



For the past 15 years, DJ Longplayer has been making her steady contribution to the DJ scene.

In the early days, DJ Longplayer became a favourite in the club scene, delivering her unique take on House Music & maintaining regular slots at Calibre Nightclub (the now defunct cornerstone of the Auckland House scene); Wyndham Bowling Club; Coast Bar; Centro Nightclub, Morrison and

All the while, she somehow managed to turn up (almost) every Saturday afternoon to present her dance music show, ‘The Big Playback’ on, NZ’s dance music specialist radio station.

She played festivals and mega-dance parties ‘Deep Hard n Funky’, and the infamous events. Her love for the turntable found her peddling tunes across New Zealand & all over the world in Melbourne, Rome, Zagreb, Cambodia, Dubai & Doha.

After attending the in Rome 2006, DJ Longplayer took a sabbatical from the dance scene & got some much-needed sleep. She went behind the scenes & took up the task as Account Manager for rogue-ishly popular campus radio station, while also presenting Monday Nights on air.

Returning to the decks in 2010 with a fresh sound, DJ Longplayer quickly snapped up residencies at cool kids hangout; preppy cocktail venue; uber-busy gastro pub and new-kid-on-the-block

Her Doha run, from 2011 to 2017, saw her consistently booked at Sundowners, Strata, Hed Kandi, Café Del Mar, Doha Hustle, Caractere, St Tropez Beach Parties and a hugely popular Wednesday night residency at Kempinski Lounge... to corporate, fashion & VVVIP events… Following a fantastic season at The Secret Garden, she followed up with residencies at Nozomi Lounge and Siren Saturdays.

Back in Auckland, she quickly picked up two new residencies at The Goodside and Good Luck Coconut in The Viaduct. These align with her new early-to-bed lifestyle and you can catch her throwing down nectar and making 'em shake…. But only til 8pm ;)

Her fun style tips the hat to soul, funk & disco while marinating a house party bounce echoing with tech & bass flavours.